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Presentational website for Podcasted - a platform that enables branded podcasts and audio advertisements that resonate with listeners

From podcast development and production to marketing and promotion - Podcasted gives you tools and expertise to create your podcast brand presence.

The challenge

To reach marketing teams and departments that will understand importance of podcasts as a branding tool, we need a website that is aestetically pleasing and easy to navigate. We wanted to avoid long loading times by providing one seamless usage flow.

How we did it

To achieve continuity, we were able to observe user actions and preload content that will be most impactful for them. By combining PJAX preloading with custom crafted animations, we had total control of guiding user to the next page.

  • Constant communication with design team was vital to create look & feel needed to convey the message
  • Animations had to be consistent - level of animation polish determines how well people perceive the final product
  • Once we built initial version of the product, we worked on tweaking details like duration, easing to get the result we wanted.
  • Presentational websites are often performance heavy. This was not an option for us, so we did a lot analysis and testing in various enviroments to reduce loading time.
  • After the launch, we are still monitoring website and we are trying to optimise content delivery

Tools and technologies used

We used Invision for design handover and audits. To achieve preloading performance we wanted, we relied heavily on library called Barba.js. This library integrated nicely with powerful TweenMax animation framework. To analyse how the final product looks, feels and performs in various environments we used Browserstack to test on over 20 real platforms and devices.

Final thoughts

No matter if you are an established brand or you want to become known, podcasts are emerging trend and poweful tool for reach expansion. We were delighted to work with Podcasted team on making their vision come to life.



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