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Real estate web application similar to Zillow for making the right real estate decisions.

We partnered with, which are experts in modern housing. The project is special to us because it was our first project in the field of real estate.


Product strategy

Since our client already has a real estate website, our main challenge was to design and develop a real estate web application with a better user experience, just like Zillow.

In this phase, we were focusing on the client's expectations and wishes with real deadlines. To manage that, we discussed all the important information during our discovery meetings, such as defining the target audience, the expected timeline, and detailed project scope.

User needs

Our users are people interested in modern apartments, and agencies interested in selling them. We divided user needs into must-have needs and benefits. The previous website didn't facilitate the user's ability to find what they were looking for, and was complex for them too. Therefore, our mission was to optimize the homepage to make it simpler.

User needs

Design process

This process began with wireframes, which allow us to visualize the structure of our web application. Then, we moved them to Figma, our mostly used design tool. Finally, we created high fidelity mockups of the application. After finalizing the high fidelity design (UI & UX design), the development of a web application was in place.

Design process

What we did?

Designing a user experience is about understanding the needs of the user. For example, if you want to search for an apartment, you need to know where, when and how much it costs. We solved that by creating a very clear filter that allows users to search an apartment by its location, budget, or number of rooms.

When you don't know what to look for, the app displays the top projects on the homepage. From there, you can explore the features of our existing products. With filters such as the number of bathrooms or type of parking place, you can search the project by the smallest detail.

The last step is to get in touch with and explain to them what your vision is.

Tools and technologies used

As we mentioned, both high and low-fidelity design were created in the Figma interface design tool.

The front-facing web app was built with the Next.js framework to leverage SSR feature that the framework provides.

The admin part was built using Strapi CMS that out of the box provides authentication (including social login), easy DX (Developer Experience) when modeling data, and easy UX (User Experience) for managing content.

Everything is monitored through Sentry and deployed on the Heroku cloud platform.



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