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New year - New Zero Molecule

New year - New Zero Molecule

2020 is here and so are we! Here is what was going on with us in 2019 and what we will be doing in the following year.

Who are we anyway and why should you care?

For those who haven't heard of us yet, Zero Molecule was started as an idea to bring together a few colleagues and friends who are enthusiastic about building great software and products. What started as an after-work hobby is now a full-fledged digital agency capable of tackling a lot of challenges and opportunities to create quality products and generate satisfied customers.

We also love participating in various hackathons to show how great teamwork can build something great even with a lot of pressure and a small timeframe.

Zero Molecule in 2019

The year 2019 was filled with many challenges and opportunities for us, for better or worse. From great to not-so-great projects, it was quite the ride.

In June 2019, we decided to relocate our Zagreb office from the small, crowded room to a fully equipped office in the downtown city center. This allows us to invite clients to our office with greater confidence, and it also boosts team morale.

Another important note in our overall history is that 2019 is the year we've got our first employee who helps us on our mission to become one of the most recognizable brands for quality software development.

Last but not least, 2019 was also the year of partnerships. We've achieved excellent cooperation with AsyncLabs, Bornfight, and Effectiva agencies, which shows to prove that the market for software development is big enough and that it sometimes pays to join resources and help each other.

Cool new logo. What else is new?

We've decided to go with a new, professionally designed logo because the old one doesn't meet our standards anymore. We've put a lot more thought and effort in building the new logo so that we can have a symbol that we can all be proud of and show it off whenever we can (which is why we've decided to hang it in our new office)

Another new thing is the website. Just as the logo, the old one was created with haste and minimal effort, and it served its purpose. This time we've decided to build our website just as we would build it for any other client. And just as you can see for yourself, the new website has the new blog section, which will be constantly updated with great and interesting content based on our experience on topics such as software development, UI/UX design, business development... the whole package we hope you'll enjoy.

Great. Now what?

Inspired by 2019, we will continue to work on maintaining current and establishing new partnerships with other digital agencies. We also plan on growing our team even more so that we can take on more projects and new clients.

Starting now, we will focus on improving our overall reach and connection with the community and potential clients. Our new blog is one of the steps we're taking to achieve that goal. Other ways will include participating in various conferences, meetups, and similar events (as guests but also as speakers).

And most importantly, we will continue to work on improving our already great services and expertise in order to build even better and cooler products for more and more satisfied customers!



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