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First ever customer loyalty application for optical and eyewear store in Croatia

Livision is a brand new and innovative loyalty app designed for Livision optics & eyewear store in Zagreb, Croatia. The app offers special coupons, deals and some other useful features such as checkup reminder and a reminder for buying and replacing contact lenses.

The challenge

To create a loyalty app that users will want to have and keep on their devices instead of just installing it once and forgetting about it. The app needed to improve and expand existing services of Livision optics & eyewear stores by adding digital coupons, discounts and adding some useful features such as reminders for checkup and lens replacement.

What we had to do

We had to design and develop a mobile app from scratch, backed by content management system in order to allow clients to add, remove and modify content displayed within the application.

How we did it

As with most of our projects, we've organized a discovery workshop between our team and the client in order to fully understand and plan requirements. The output of the workshop was a high fidelity design approved by the client, a clear data structure for the application and a clear development roadmap. If you want to know more about our design process for the project, check out this blog post from our designer.

  • As soon as the data structure was defined, the implementation of content management system has begun in order to stay ahead of the application which needed to read and display that data.
  • After finalizing the high fidelity app design, the development of mobile app was in place. During the development process, the result of each sprint was a new version of the application that the client was able to download and try out in order to report issues and bugs of the features implemented so that they can be resolved down the road.
  • After the development phase has completed and the app has been tested and polished, it was deployed on both Google Play and App Store.

Although the application is launched it is still being maintained and new and exciting features are coming down the road.

Tools and technologies used

Both high fidelity and low fidelity mockups of the application were created using Figma interface design tool.

Livision was developed using a Flutter development toolkit. We've experimented with Flutter before, but this was first time we've used it to develop an application for one of our clients. It was a trial run of some sort and it's safe to say, we will be using Flutter to develop more applications in the future.

For content management we've used headless CMS which enabled us to focus most of our efforts on the mobile app development while having a secure and reliable platform providing the required data.

Finally, the app monitoring is done using Firebase analytics, Firebase crash reporting, as well as store analytics provided by Google Play and Apple App Store.

Final thoughts

We are glad we were able to help the Livision optics and eyewear store to enter the digital era of customer loyalty and brand awareness by building this application. More and more of Livision customers are installing the application and using it to get better deals and use the reminder features. The overall customer satisfaction and retention has increased as well, which proves to show that loyalty applications, if done correctly can help the business expand even further than before.



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