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Invoice ASA

Invoice ASA

Mobile application for easy and secure handling different types of invoices and synchronizing it with QuickBooks.

Mobile and Web applications for easy and secure handling different types of invoices and synchronizing it with QuickBooks.

The challenge

The client wanted a mobile application that can create customers and items according to which will be generated three types of invoices. Besides, the invoice should be verified with a signature or photo within the final stage of submitting. Those invoices will be synchronized with Quickbooks to get a better insight into the business data. Also, the client wanted the admin page for managing the user's role and permission.

What we had to do

Zero Molecule was tasked to develop the mentioned application. We had to implement invoice components, handle the data, connect it to firebase, build admin interface and synchronized it to Quickbooks.

How we did it

As we didn't work before with Quickbooks, our primary task was research on how to integrate Quickbooks with our application. After researched Quickbooks API, we developed a pattern that will handle data flow of our application.

  • On the admin page, client created the user with a specified role (administrator, manager, and technician) whose data will be saved in firebase store.
  • In the mobile application, after successful login, user retrieved permission based on role. With that permission, it has access to create invoices.
  • User can add existing customers and items to invoice or create new ones.
  • The last step before submitting is preview where customer/user needs to sign the invoice.
  • After submitting, the invoice is saved into firebase store.
  • Users with role administrator and manager can synchronize data from firebase store into Quickbooks.

Which tools and technologies we used

We used Adobe XD for the unified design of application. React Native was used to build frot-end of mobile application and React for admin interface. The back-end is entirely on the Firebase platform, including hosting.

Final thoughts

With InvoiceASA, the user has access to existing customers and items and can easily create new invoices. Also, the client always have inside information about all created invoices and their data.



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