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Digital marketplace for buying and selling movies and TV shows rights.

Cinemarket is a platform for fast, easy, and secure transacting film rights built by people who share a passion for the movies and cinema.

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The challenge

Due to the reasons related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Cinemarket team were looking for a frontend development team that could quickly onboard to the project and take over the existing codebase. They've had a fixed release date and even then, the schedule was tight.

With little time on our hands, a significant amount of features to implement, and everyone working from home, we needed to coordinate the whole effort to the tiniest detail. Not to mention taking over the codebase that was previously developed by someone else.

What we had to do

While our job was to bring frontend to life, we needed to coordinate with Cinemarkets design and backend team on a strict timeline in order to deliver everything on time without one side blocking another. With daily calls and weekly retrospectives, we always knew who was working on what and what we should focus on next. The communication was essential for the fast delivery of new features and fixing existing and newly reported issues. With CI/CD in place, we didn't lose the precious little time we had.

Which tools and technologies we used

Proficiency in React, TypeScript, SASS enabled us not to waste time on the technology used but on understanding client needs.

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Final thoughts

Even if Cinemarket was an intensive project for us, we showed great resolve in hard times. It has shown us that our team is capable of building great products even when working under pressure.

We're pleased to announce that Cinemarket is up and running and we can't wait to see what the future holds for us and this project!



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