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Tasked by AZOP (Croatian Personal Data Protection Agency), Zero Molecule developed two mobile applications to increase GDPR awareness for general public.


Croatian Personal Data Protection Agency (CRO: Agencija za Zaštitu Osobnih Podataka - AZOP) is a legal entity with public authorities. The Activity of the Agency is carrying out administrative and professional tasks regarding personal data protection.

The challenge

AZOP was also one of the first clients we had at Zero Molecule. They wanted to develop two similar yet different mobile applications to educate Croatian citizens in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The first one, called: AZOP, was meant for younger audiences and had more straightforward and more visually appealing content. The second one, called GDPR na dlanu (CRO: GDPR in the palm of your hand), was a full-pledged GDPR manual with search, bookmarking, and other similar features.

What we had to do

Zero Molecule was responsible for the design and development of both mobile applications. We had complete autonomy as long as the project was delivered on time with the features requested.

How we did it

  1. We used the design-first approach, which is why our first step was to create low-fidelity mockups showcasing all the features and presenting them to the Client. That way, the Client could tell us what they did or did not want in their app, and in a short time, we had a clear consensus on how the app should look and what it should do.
  2. Our second step was divided into two parallel processes; The first one was to update the low-fidelity mockups and make them high-fidelity and development ready. The second one was to create an initial project setup for both apps.
  3. The development of the first app started, and as soon as it finished, we've started working on the second one.
  4. Two weeks before the launch, we've sent the unpolished versions to AZOP so that they can test all four apps and report bugs if any occurred.
  5. After the applications were ready, we've published them to the Google Play and Apple Store.
  6. After the launch, we've continued maintaining the apps until early 2019, when our support was no longer required.

Which tools and technologies we used

We've performed the whole design process with Adobe XD. For the applications, we've decided to go with React Native and Typescript. Finally, both apps were built and deployed for testing using Microsoft AppCenter.

Final thoughts

This was a relatively simple and joyful project to work on. What makes it unique for us is the fact that it was one of the first projects that Zero Molecule did. Probably the most significant challenge here was the time since we had about a month to go from initial specification to two launched apps on Google Play and Apple Store. But despite the short time and limited budget, we've managed to do it and had a great time working with the AZOP staff and creating something new and educational for every generation.



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